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Section 2 Tips
2.1------General Tips
2.2------Sniper Tips

Section 3 Map Strategies
3.2------The Mixer

---------------------- Tips -------------------
------------------- Section 2 -------------------

2.1 ------ General Tips ------

Keep moving, The minute you stop moving you?re prime real-estate for
snipers. Exceptions to

this rule would be if you are in a closed off room and are covering the

Patience is the key to winning, if you have a good position, do not let
up. Let them come to


Reload: Always reload when you have time to. Make sure you have a full
clip, or if you don?

t, be aware of what you have left, and save it.

Hide behind walls, go into the third person view, peek around walls
without actually

sticking your body out. By doing this, you can see if someone is coming,
and when they do

jump out and have a perfect shot at them.

Watch the ground for PNM mines in locations where there is heavy
traffic, and in dark

shadows. Other places might include on top of dead bodies, and where the
bomb is planted.

After you plant the bomb, place multiple PNM mines on top of it. It will
almost guarantee a


Do not follow the same route for an entire game. Eventually someone will
smarten up, and

know where you are hiding. They?ll either launch a rocket or sneak up on
you, and you won?t

even have a chance.

2.2 ------ Sniper Tips ------

If you can, equip a thermal Vision to your rifle, it makes it 200%
easier to find the

opposing team

When you are zoomed in with a thermal scope on a gun that has 2 levels
of zoom, try

switching between those two zoom levels at a fast rate to pick up
targets you could not

normally see.

Do not hesitate at all to take a shot if you see someone aiming at you
don?t zoom in

more to see if you can get a better shot etc. Take the shot immediately,
and if you happen

to miss get up and move. If you see him aiming at you chances are he?s
already had enough

time to set up the shot.

Try planting PNM mines behind you, (far enough away that if someone
steps on them they will

not kill you), If someone walks over them they will die, or if someone
sees them and blows

them up with a grenade, at least you know that someone is behind you and
you can turn around

and have a better chance at surviving.

----------------- Map Strategies -----------------
-------------------- Section 3 -----------------

For each map, there is a Seal strategy, and a Terrorist strategy. For
each team there is a

Sniper and Assault strategy. Remember that these are only one way to
play it out, and there

are infinite possibility?s improvise as you see fit, and as you become
more accustomed to

the levels, create your own strategies. Feel free to submit them to me,
as I will add them

into the guide and give you credit.

3.1 ------ Sandstorm ---------


Sniper - Your best bet is to take a M87ELR, because it 1 hit kill pretty
much anywhere on

the body, grab your self a thermal scope and you'll be set. Now follow
the right edge along

the bushes, and go prone on the farthest bushes. Now you have two
options here, you can

cover the radio tower, which I would check first for snipers, then
direct you attention the

turret. Its really up to you. But you should have a good position there.

Assault - Were going to start out the same way as we did with the
sniper, but this time were

going to take the radio tower. Follow the right edge along the bushes,
but before you get to

the end veer off to the right, and go up to the Radio tower Breach
point. Set the C4, and

while you?re waiting ack up turn on your night vision, and make sure no
one is hiding on the

Radio tower trying to snipe. After the door is breached, rush through
and take out anyone

that is waiting, but watch for M87's. Blow up the radio tower, not only
do you get +2

points, but you disable their ability to launch air strikes. From here
you can launch an

Assault on their base, don?t forget to throw some M87's into their base
through the windows

to clear out their base.


Sniper - For the terrorist sniper, I usually take a M82A1A, because it
is also a one hit

kill machine, equip it with a thermal scope for increased vision. Now
make your way along

the left side of the mountain towards the radio tower.
Set some PNM mines right after the entrance that the Seals need to
breach. But far enough

away that a breach wont blow them up. Turn around and look out into the
open. Lay prone and

pick off as many people as possible.

Assault - Equip yourself with your favorite weapon of choice, and
proceed right along the

breech wall (The wall should be on your left as you are running) At the
end, climb over the

wall. Now follow the mountain all the way into Seal territory. Hide
along the wall, and take

out Seals as they try to breach that point.

3.2 ------ The Mixer ---------


Assault - Take the Hostages and run north right away, run up the two set
stairs. Lay prone

right away, to avoid any snipers. After a little bit get up and run down
the stairs. Make a

left at the bottom of the stairs. Run down a little ramp, then make a
right and proceed up

those stairs. Run all-the-way across the bridge and jump down onto the
boxes... you?re now

at the extraction point before they even know what hit them. Hide the
hostages behind the

walls, and protect them.

3.3 ------ Crossroads ---------


Assault - Take a M4A1-M203 Proceed down the left Roadway. About halfway
down there is a set

of steps that lead to a balcony. Stand on the balcony and just frag the
crap out of the bomb


Sniper - Sniper takes sort of a backseat on this map... While you can
snipe, it?s probably

not the most productive position. If you still want to, here?s what you
should do. Hang back

at your Starting point and cover the roads leading out of it. Lay some
PNM mines around the

streets, sit back and relax... wait it out, and hope someone travels
along. Your best bet is

the alleyway next to your "base"


Assault - Rush the bomb, terrorists will have the first shot at the bomb
because they are

closer, in fact if you get there fast enough, the seals wont even have a
chance to shoot you

or launch grenades. After you get the bomb, pull back the way you came,
and follow up that

alley towards their base.

Sniper - Sniper takes sort of a backseat on this map... While you can
snipe, it?s probably

not the most productive spot. If you still want to, here?s what you
should do. Hang back at

your Starting point and cover the roads leading
out of it. Lay some PNM mines around the streets, sit back and relax...
wait it out, and

hope someone travels along. Your Best bet for seals is the street
opposite your "base"

3.4 -------- Sujo ---------


Assault - You pretty much have a choice of many different ways of entry
here...The key is to

move slowly, watching for PNM mines. Once you actually reach the
buildings towards the

terrorist?s base however, it is a different story. Move fast jumping
from building to

building moving down towards the Terrorists base. Throw HE grenades the
opposite side of the

way you are going to distract Gunners with the thermal scopes.

Sniper - Wait back and let your Assault team breach the first few gates.
When the middle

gates are gone, and the area is relatively clear move up to where the
broken car is. See if

you can take out any snipers that the Terrorists might have, or
expectably the two gunners

in the turrets, who are sitting ducks for you. If you are being fired
upon from a turret and

are close to getting a good shot on them, wait it out and hope that you
can line up the shot

before you die. It is probably your best option.


Assault - Terrorist Assault teams are going to have to not so much stop
Seals from breaching

gates, but rather stop them from getting into the "core" of Sujo, or the
part made up of

many small buildings. I am going to leave how you do this up to you.

Sniper - You may not want to actually take a sniper rifle, but rather a
regular assault

rifle. Grab some PNM mines, and hole yourself up in your base (Your
starting point.) Take

the Turrets and go wild.

3.5 --------- Foxhunt ---------


Assult - The assult team is going to need to take out the snipers on the
Have about 2-3 people from the team move up the mountains and flush out the
snipers. Meanwhile have one person hide 1 of the hostages and stay with
and another person take 2 hostages and move right along with the others.

Sniper - Go along the left side, and you will see a mountain that you can
go around. Dip back into that mountain and follow it around. Right
before you
pop out next to the waterfall, hit the ground and look out. You should
have a
clean view of the river. Stay there and pick anyone off that comes into


Assult - From your starting point move to the bottom of the map, so that you
are along the wall that is completly opposite the extraction points.
face the
wall to your left and move foward. You should run into a seal assult team,
possibly with hostages so stay low and fire only when you have a good shot.

Sniper - You will want to move to the mountain that over-looks where your
Assult team is moving in. Cover them and take out anyone in sight.

3.6 --------- Fish-Hook ---------


Assult - Your job is to rescue the hostages, you have three options. The
first is to make a quick left from where you start (So that the sea is on
your left. Follow the river to the last entrace, make a right up the stairs.
Then make a left, go through the room, and breach the tunnel. You are now in
enemy terriorty, you can figure it out from there. The second option is to
follow the sea so that it is on your right, and jump up the first entrance.
As you go up the entrance there should be a stucco wall on your right.
At the
end of the wall, you can jump over it. Jump over and breach the wall
that now
should be to your right. The third option is to follow the sea, keeping it
to your right, and goto the last entrance. You are now in an open field.
your way up slowly but surly and take out any terrorists. A tunnel to your
right will lead you to their "base" without you haveing to breach anything

Sniper - Follow the sea keeping it to your right, as if you were going to
enter the last entrance. But instead of going up the third entrance, take a
dip in the sea. Duck back, and take out your sniper rifle. You should have a
clear shot at terrorists coming down the big open space. Also look for
gunners etc.


Assult - Take all the hostages right away, and move them to the top right of
the map into the ustairs of a room ussually called "The Boathouse" Have
two people cover each door, Keep one hostage downstairs, to protect you
from grenades (They wont throw grenades if you have a hostage with you,
because it would risk killing the hostage to.) Make sure you set PNM mines
all around the outside of the base.

Sniper - On this map your gonna want to find any rooftop. Once your on the
rooftop just lay prone and look for guys coming in. Try going to the top of
the boathouse. Then go out on the "balcony", and jump off onto the roof
Beside it. Follow the little path to the left up there, and you should have
a nice sniping spot right beside the door. Remember do not keep the same
spot more than 3 times in a row.